Advanced Nutrients Sensi CoCo Bloom B – 1L


Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect® Sensi Coco Bloom B – 1L


Sensi Bloom A+B Coco by Advanced Nutrients is a fertilizer base that’s perfect for coco coir growing – one of the preferred methods used to grow cannabis. Coco coir substrate is quite easy to grow in and it gives amazing results in as far as yield.

This two-part fertilizer is used when watering your plants, mixed with your usual water, and what it does is it basically ensures that your plants are capable of absorbing all of the nutrients held in coco coir. This is due to the nutrients held in the product itself as well as its pH Perfect technology, that’ll automatically adjust pH levels.

Thanks to this pH adjusting technique, your plants will be able to absorb absolutely all of the nutrients from your nutrient solution and your plants’ roots will grow much healthier. It’s designed for growing in coco, which is usually done with distilled water, although this product has much more calcium and magnesium so that your plants don’t end up showing signs of nutrient deficiency.

It can be mixed with the rest of Advanced Nutrients’ range of produces for the flowering period such as Bud Candy or Big Bud. For more information consult Advanced Nutrients’ detailed grow chart.

Dosage and how to use Sensi Bloom Coco A+B by Advanced Nutrients:

Add 4ml/L of water of A and 4ml/L of water of part B.
Chemical Composition of Sensi Bloom A + B from Advanced Nutrients Coco:

Part A (NPK 4-0-0):

Guaranteed Analysis:

Phosphate available 4%
Potassium oxide soluble 5%
Sulfur 0,9%

F-1 (fulvic acid).
Potassium nitrate.
Monopotassium phosphate.
Monoammonium phosphate.
Potassium sulfate.
Exclusive blend of compounds to balance pH.
Exclusive phosphate.
Part B (NPK 0-4-5):

Guaranteed Analysis:

Total nitrogen 4%
– Nitrogen nitrate 3.4%
– Urea nitrogen 0.6%
Calcium soluble in water 3.5%
Magnesium soluble in water 0,9%
Iron chelate 0.175%.


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