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Hired Predator Nematodes!

We just got a few different types of beneficial bugs in the store! One of them is Predator Nemetodes!

Predator Nematode “Double-Death” Mix!

“Double-Death” Predator Nematodes are some of the most useful pest controls to come along in years. They attack and kill more than 250 different insects, including Fleas, Thrips, Fungus Gnats, even insects as large as Cutworms! Nearly any insect that spends a part of its life cycle in the soil is likely prey for “Double-Death” Predator Nematodes.

Our popular mix of two Predator Nematodes species to cover a wider range of soil depth preference.

Upper 3 Inches of Soil Media: Steinernema Species
Top 3 to 6 Inches of Soil Media: Heterorhabditis Species


The Pest: Thrips

   First Sign: Leaf surfaces finely speckled with yellow spots. Later, a silvery metallic looking sheen may cover leaf surfaces. Not all Thrips create this sheen. With or without the sheen, you’ll also see black specks (Thrip fecal material). Only on close inspection is the pest itself found. About 1/16″ long, thrips can move quite quickly for their size. Many gardeners report thrips as a small “worm with legs”. Larvae and adults look similar, but adults have wings and can fly. 

   Hundreds of Varieties, Many Colors: Too many to try and describe here, but they all feed the same way – by scraping and rasping at tender leaf surfaces. For control purposes, the main difference is where they pupate as youngsters. 

Special Species Notes: Most Thrips move down into soil, rockwool or other synthetic growing media to pupate. This is the first stage at which to control Thrip populations, using Predator Nematodes. Often after two months, regular application of Nematodes alone gives good control. However, for heavy or persistent infestations, we recommend using Nematodes in conjunction with above-ground controls. Your choice will depend largely on the environment in your growing area.


Hired Bugs are totally safe. Effective. And natural. 
   Hired Bugs are not only totally safe for you and your plants, they’re also safe for the environment. And they’re effective on a wide variety of crops in greenhouses, indoors under lights, as well as in home gardens and in outdoor commercial field applications. 

Hired Bugs never become pests themselves. 
   The Hired Bugs we sell only eat other pests. They do not harm plants, people, or pets in any way. When pest populations are eliminated, your Hired Bugs will either die off or move on to find more pests to eat somewhere else. 

Nothing could be easier to use than Hired Bugs! 
   They’re easier to apply and need far less re-application than sprays or dusts. And you simply can’t overdose your plants! You’ll soon be delighted with the results and you’ll see for yourself: Nature’s Control is real control! 

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