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Hired Praying Mantis

We just got a few different types of beneficial bugs in the store! One of them is the Praying Mantis!

Fun garden pets, Mantids eat anything & everything they can catch! 
Praying Mantis (Tenodera sinensis) make wonderful backyard pets, and constantly entertain while they eat insects all Summer long. 

Mantids wait in quiet ambush for hours at a time. When an insect comes wandering by they jump out and attack, usually biting the neck first. They are strictly carnivorous and will eat almost any insect they can overcome.

At rest, Mantids hold their spiny forearms together giving the appearance they are praying. In this posture they are capable of quickly striking prey and holding it in their powerful grip . 


Hired Bugs are totally safe. Effective. And natural. 
   Hired Bugs are not only totally safe for you and your plants, they’re also safe for the environment. And they’re effective on a wide variety of crops in greenhouses, indoors under lights, as well as in home gardens and in outdoor commercial field applications. 

Hired Bugs never become pests themselves. 
   The Hired Bugs we sell only eat other pests. They do not harm plants, people, or pets in any way. When pest populations are eliminated, your Hired Bugs will either die off or move on to find more pests to eat somewhere else. 

Nothing could be easier to use than Hired Bugs! 
   They’re easier to apply and need far less re-application than sprays or dusts. And you simply can’t overdose your plants! You’ll soon be delighted with the results and you’ll see for yourself: Nature’s Control is real control! 

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