turboKlone klone machine – T96


TurboKlone T96 Klone Machine – 96 Site


TurboKlone a streamlined cloner that gives you more sites, keeps temperatures low and provides more oxygen.
The central technology behind TurboKlone is simple:
A fan that offers a one-two punch!

It’s a fresh idea that’s putting a new spin on cloning! We were tired of fighting with high temperatures that were killing our roots. We needed a way to clone without having to use timers, chillers or other expensive accessories. 

We have TurboKlone machines for cloning at the lowest prices in the hydroponics market. We stock T24, T48, T96, T144, and humidity domes, collars, and system components. The TurboKlone gives you a stronger, longer-lasting product thanks to its smart design and use of innovative technology.


Keep temperatures in the cool, the integrated fan mixes with water in a fine spray, not only providing your roots with high dissolved oxygen but ALSO reducing any heat from the pump.

The innovative fan system fits like a glove on the side of the reservoir keeping the unit free from dangling parts and tangling cords like other systems on the market.


The TurboKlone is curvy and has rounded edges giving you a stronger, more durable product, instead of having flat walls like a Tupperware tub. Those sexy curves also let you clean the system quickly and easily. You don’t have to worry about unwanted root-killing bacteria, and disgusting slime hanging around in tight corners.

Bonus! TurboKlones sexy curves give it greater strength and resilience from external and internal forces.


Why settle for less when you can have more? Klone sites that is!
TurboKlone’s T144, T96, & T48 gives you 60% more clone sites than other systems on the market. The best part? You get more sites in the same footprint as other competitors.

Custom Features:


  • Longer lasting, more durable Polyethylene Collars, with finger recesses for easy removal
  • Reservoir is stronger and easier to clean- with fill-inside line
  • Fan system provides constant oxygen and keeps temperatures optimal for rooting
  • More Klone sites in the same dimensional footprint as other systems on the market
  • Optional humidity dome (sold separately)





  • Dimensions 33 x 22 3/4 x 11 5/8
  • Clone Capacity: 96
  • Cutting Medium: Custom Polyethylene Collar (included)
  • Water Pump Grade: 450 gph
  • Optimal Amount of Water: 8.5-9 gallons
  • Optimal Water Temp: 65-75° F
  • Optimal Water PH: 5.5-6.3




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