Root Raft Floating Plug Tray 55


Super Sprouter® Root Raft® Floating Plug Tray


Super Sprouter® Root Raft® Floating Plug Tray

The Super Sprouter® Root Raft® floating plug tray is designed to be a self-watering starter tray. Root Raft® includes a 10 x 20 in tray for holding water and a styrofoam 55-site floating insert loaded with Super Sprouter® custom-blended and custom-sized grow plugs. Mother Earth® BioChar is added to this exclusive formulation. No worries about watering—moisture is automatically wicked through the plugs. Just fill the tray and walk away. If you desire a mini greenhouse effect, you can use any of the Super Sprouter® domes to get the job done. Domes sold separately.

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Weight 3.6 lbs


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