SunSystem White Wing 120v


SunSystem White Wing – 120 volt


Don’t leave your hydroponics system with inadequate lighting – take advantage of the utility offered by the Sun System 904293 White Wing CFL Fixture. This fixture accomodates Feliz self ballasted compact flourescent lamps rated at 125, 200, 250, and 300 watts. It’s built to last, with a heavy duty design that protects your bulb and keeps the fixture working optimally.

Powder coated steel housing
As with anything used in a work space, this lighting fixture needs to be strong and durable to handle potentially harsh conditions. The housing for the fixture is constructed of a powder coated steel which will protect it from damage and keep your bulbs running as expected.

Excellent reflection and diffusion
This fixture will provide the best in lighting when combined with a high quality bulb. It has a highly reflective design which allows this fixture to provide excellent reflection and diffusion, getting you the most utility out of your CFL.

Ideal for small to medium grow lighting projects
If you’re looking to round out your hydroponics system with a solid lighting solution then this fixture may be just what you need. It’s the ideal size and construction for small to medium grow lighting projects. This high quality fixture will help give your plants the lighting they need.

  • Accommodates Feliz self ballasted compact fluorescent lamps 125, 200, 250 & 300 watt
  • 20 1/4″ long x 17″ wide x 7 5/8″ tall
  • Mogul base socket
  • 8′ 120 volt power cord
  • Reflective and durable

Heavy duty mogul socket
You can install high wattage CFL lamps with minimal lamp deflection in this fixture as it has a heavy duty mogul socket assembly. The assembly has a heavy duty construction which allows it to support the weight of the lamp and keep it secure.

Lamp brace
A lamp brace is incorporated into the design of this fixture to help support the entire bulb. This allows installation of high wattage CFLs up to 300 watts.

Easy installation
This fixture comes with everything you need to get up and running fast. An integrated mounting bracket with chrome wire hangers lets you convenient place it exactly where your plants need light. Plus, an 8 foot power cord allows you to use the ideal location, with plenty of reach to get to a power source.


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