General Hydroponics FloraNectar Banana Bliss – QT


General Hydroponics® FloraNectar® Banana Bliss – 1QT


General Hydroponics® FloraNectar® Banana Bliss 0 – 0 – 1
Banana Bliss is the latest addition to the General Hydroponics® Flora Nectar® line. Infused with tropical banana essence, your plants will get a sugary rush every time you use it! Banana Bliss contains all natural raw cane sugar, molasses, malt syrup, select plant based esters, L-amino acids, organic acids, polyflavonoids, vitamins, and essential minerals. Scientists have formulated FloraNectar® Banana Bliss, FruitnFusion, and Pineapple Rush to optimize the greatest transference of sweetness and aroma into your fruits and flowers.


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