Earth Juice Microblast – QT


Earth Juice Microblast Quart


Mg0.50% – B0.02% – Co0.005% – Fe0.10% – Mn0.10% – Mo0.0005% – Zn0.05%

A proprietary liquid micronutrient formula designed to be used to prevent and/or correct micronutrient deficiencies. For use with Earth Juice Grow and Bloom Original Formulas as well as a variety of other liquid and dry soil and hydroponic fertilizers. May be added to reservoirs, applied by hand feeding or used as foliar spray. Earth Juice MicroBlast is formulated to be used on indoor or outdoor plants and may be applied to soil and hydroponic systems. See Feeding Charts, Earth Juice Original Formulas.

The product’s color can vary from light to medium browns and greens.

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Weight 2.45 lbs


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