AgroLED Sun Par 390 2K – Red


AgroLED Sun Par 390 2000K – Red


The AgroLED Sun Par 390 LED Fixture 2K-Red is an industry first. The 2,000°K offers all the benefits of flowering found in HPS with the sustained maintenance-free life of LEDs. The thermally managed, properly driven high specification components, including Nichia brand chips and Meanwell drivers, make the AgroLED Sun Par 390 LED Fixture 2K-Red an excellent fixture in the most extreme conditions.

AgroLED Sun Par 390 LED Fixture 2K-Red Features:

  • 528 diodes x 0.738 watt Nichi brand chips = 390 diode watts.
  • Includes two types of interchangeable optics to accommodate various mounting heights:
    • 90° beam spread for higher mounting applications
    • 120° beam spread for a wider coverage area at lower mounting heights
  • IP65 rated
  • Aluminium alloy body
  • Convertible Smart Volt Power Cord 120/240 Volt 12 ft, featuring 120 and 240 volt plugs
  • Eye bolt style loop for mounting included

Additional information

Weight 23.35 lbs


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