Helios 10 – Pre-Wired 8 Light 2


Titan Controls Helios 10


The ‘Professional Series’ Titan Controls 702679 Helios 10 is an 8-light controller with a 50 amp breaker that comes ready to grow. It is pre-wired with a pigtail cordset and has a trigger cord set to activate your HID lights via an external timer. The Helios 10 even comes with a 24-hour timer (Apollo 8 included!) to set your preferred growing schedule. A complete lighting system in a box! All you add is lights and plants. Titan Controls brings you innovative controllers for the indoor gardener!


  • This lighting controller will run eight (8) 1000 Watt HID lights at 240 Volts
  • The only lighting controllers featuring industrial-grade Allen Bradley ballast rated relays
  • 50 Amp breaker built into the controller
  • Plug relay trigger cord set into 24 hour timer (Apollo 8 included!)
  • 120 Volt timed accessory outlet (max 2 Amps) for a light mover or lighting ventilation
  • Comes pre-wired 4 wire pigtail cordset – Plug-n-Play
  • Durable powder coated steel chassis
  • 40 Amps/240 Volts/60 Hz./8000 Watts
  • 3 year warranty

Additional information

Weight 15.9 lbs


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