CanLite 4in Plastic Flange


CAN-Filter CAN-Lite Plastic Flange – 4in


CAN-Filter CAN-Lite Flange 4″ Plastic for CAN-Lite 2600 or 9000

Flange to connect CAN-Lite 2600 or 9000 to 4″ Ducting

These plastic flanges install via an easy snap on, tool free, connection forming a perfect seal with Can-Filters products.

As awesome as they are for tents and ‘grow rooms’, these filters (see CAN-Lite 2600 and CAN-Lite 9000) are also PERFECT for filtering all kinds of other smells and concerns – smoking/medicating areas that require smell and/or smoke mitigation (these filters are the best / only way that we know of to remove 99.9% of smoke and smell) for example – one of our CAN or CAN-Lite filters plus its matching flange plus a small fan (Can-Fan S400 is perfect for these 2600 and 9000 models, but any 4″ fan including our in-duct and ‘computer fan’ style options work fantastically also) and you’re good-to-go! Add one of our Dial-A-Speed Fan Speed Controls and you can then ‘dim’ the fan to reduce noise and tailor the fan speed to the requirements of your area.

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