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Mother’s Day at Kingsborough Elementary School

We went to Link’s school, Kingsborough Elementary in Gloversville, to help them create the perfect Mother’s day gift! Flowers!

We went in April 5th to start our new seedlings. We choose to grow Marigolds as they are quick growing, hardy little flowers that have many uses (did you know some varieties you can eat?) The kiddos were so thrilled to be able to play in dirt, grow some flowers, and enjoy making a mess.

On May 5th we went to the classroom again to help the kids paint their pot just for their special maternal figure! The kids all even signed a special pot just for us that we will keep in the store! Thank you Ms. Boccio’s class!

On May 6th, we went in to help the kiddos re-pot their little seedlings and also re-pot a few flowers that we brought with us since the marigold seedlings were still so small. The kids loved picking flowers to give to their mother’s. Each kid picked different flowers and plants thinking something special and with a special reason for each one.

Thank you again Kingsborough Elementary and Ms. Boccio’s first grade class for having us and experiencing this amazing project!

Products used for this project:
– Fox Farm Light Warrior, Seed Starer Soil
– Mother Earth Groundswell Soil
– Super Sprouter 6 Pack Tear-Aways
– Super Sprouter Trays
– Cultured Biologix Dr. Root
– Clonex Root Maximizer
– Neptune’s Harvest Fish Fertilizer
– Cultured Biologix EZ Tea Veg
– Cultured Biologix EZ Tea Bloom
– GroPro Welsh Pots
– GroPro 6″ Saucers