Titan Controls Apollo 17 Timer


Titan Controls® Apollo® 17, Large LCD Display Digital Cycle Timer


Titan Controls® Apollo® 17 – Large LCD Display Digital Cycle Timer

The Apollo® 17 is a versatile digital timer that’s simple to operate. It only takes four buttons to control the functions of the timer and features an extra-large easy to read LCD display. A variety of schedules can be programmed in minutes and hours using 16 different ON and OFF schedules.

Internal battery backup feature saves settings in case of a power failure

The Apollo® 17 may be used to control CO2, fan, pump, light mover, etc

Enclosure resists dust, rust and moisture

Program up to 16 schedules per day

Easy to set using just 4 buttons

Extra large 2.5 inch viewing LCD

Battery back-up saves settings in case of power failure


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