Ideal H2O Sediment Filter 10″


Ideal H2O Sediment Filter – 10 in


Ideal-H2O RO Maintenance and Filter Changes: The Ideal H2O reverse osmosis systems have pre-filters that need to be replaced after a certain period of use. By keeping up with the replacemen of your sediment, carbon, and membrane filters, you can double or even triple the life of your RO membrane. The length of time these RO filters will last is very dependent on how clean you water source is.

The RO membrane will usually last 6 months to 2 years. Again, by changing your sediment and carbon filters out regularly, your RO membrane will last much longer. If you notice PPM exceeding 100 PPM coming out of your RO system, it’s time to change out your RO membrane. Change your Sediment filter out every 6 to 12 months of use. Change your Carbon filter every 1,000 – 1,500 gallons of water put through the RO unit.


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